We derive our certainties from solid structures in our life, but we tend to forget that these structures are not as solid as they seem. A small disturbance can destroy a “cast-iron” structure in a split-second and turn order into chaos. The good news is that there is also beauty in chaos and that after chaos, order usually returns. The name of this machine built by Paul van Twist was taken from The Doors famous song ‘Break on through (to the other side)’ (1966), that calls to break structures and step into a new world. In fact, a call for revolution.

With this machine we can make our own micro-revolution. On the screen we see a regular grid, reflected in standstill water. It looks stable and rigid, but when one of the buttons is pushed the order is destroyed. We see, in slow motion, the pattern losing its regularity and turning into chaos, until the button is released. Then, our little revolution is finished and order restores itself.